Hempstead Town Awards Grant to Lakeview Youth Federation, Funds to Benefit Friendship Games, Community Services and Programs

Hempstead Town Supervisor Kate Murray and Councilwoman Dorothy Goosby announced that Lakeview Youth Federation, Inc. has been awarded a grant through the town's Department of Planning and Economic Development.

The $5,500 grant is to be used as financial assistance for the Lakeview Youth Federation's 22nd Annual Friendship Games, as well as the organization's array of community programs and services.

The Lakeview Youth Federation, founded more than 35 years ago by a group of community leaders, supports various academic and athletic programs to help improve the lives of youth in the community. The Lakeview Youth Federation works in partnership with the Malverne School District on various youth programs and services.

"I am thrilled that we are able to support organizations that offer positive support for our youth," Murray said. "The Friendship Games have had a positive impact on our children for more than two decades."

The Friendship Games, to take place in January of 2014 at Nassau Community College, consist of mainly track and field events for student athletes across Long Island.

Established in 2014, the Friendship Games were created in 1991 in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. to promote unity, peace and friendship among local youth through friendly competition.

"The Friendship Games are one of many youth and community programs supported by the Lakeview Youth Federation," Goosby said. "We are proud to assist organizations that positively help the youth in our communities."

"While it is the organizations receiving the grants, it's really the children who will benefit," concluded Murray.