Murray, Santino Announce $23,000 Grant to Fund Youth Services at Oceanside Counseling Center

Hempstead Town Supervisor Kate Murray and Senior Councilman Anthony J. Santino have announced that the Oceanside Counseling Center will receive a grant of just over $23,000 from the town to help fund important youth counseling services.

The Oceanside Counseling Center will receive a grant of $23,070 through Hempstead Town, helping the center provide support and treatment for youths at risk, those in need of counseling services and treatment of tobacco addiction, among other services. The center has been assisting people in need for over 30 years.

“I am proud that we are able to provide support to the Oceanside Counseling Center, enabling this wonderful organization to continue its mission of helping youths at risk," stated Murray. "We are confident that these funds will go a long way in helping those in need."

"The Oceanside Counseling Center is an invaluable asset in the community,” said Santino. “Supervisor Murray and I are very excited that this grant will go toward helping the group accomplish its goals."