Town of Hempstead Responds to Newbridge Road/Sunrise Highway Fuel Tanker Fire

In response to a serious fuel tanker fire on Sunrise Highway at Newbridge Road in Bellmore, Hempstead Town is working at the scene with state and county officials to deal with the situation.

“We’re working closely with local officials and emergency responders to ensure the safety of our residents and to clean up the area,” Hempstead Town Supervisor Kate Murray said.

The town response includes:

-       Creating sand “dams” to absorb and contain dangerous fuel from entering storm drains and contaminating waterways. Containment also controlled the spread of fire.

-       Building Department officials are inspecting local buildings to ensure public safety.

-       Town opened a warming center at Merrick Road Golf Course Clubhouse to accommodate displaced area residents who had power turned off by local utility and/or suffered fire damage to homes.

-       The Town’s Department of Conservation and Waterways is interfacing with the state Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) to protect against waterway contamination from spilled fuel.

-       The Town’s Highway Department is poised to salt roadways when the state DEC gives “all clear” to melt frozen water from the firefighting effort.

Sunrise Highway near the accident scene in Bellmore remained closed as responders continued to clean and safeguard the area. “I urge people to avoid the scene of the accident until it’s safe and secure,” Murray said. “I thank all of our emergency responders and workers for their brave efforts in containing this fire and fuel spill.”