Hempstead Town Board Passes Legislation to Restrict Overfeeding of Nuisance Birds in Hempstead Town

Responding to neighbors’ quality-of-life concerns, Supervisor Kate Murray and Councilwoman Angie Cullin introduced legislation to restrict the overfeeding of “nuisance birds” in the Town of Hempstead’s residential communities, particularly near waterways. The law was unanimously adopted by the Town Board in a 7-0 vote at a February 4th public hearing. The legislation does not affect the use of “bird feeders” and the casual feeding of birds.

“Preserving residents’ quality of life is the most important job we have as a town government,” stated Murray. “Overfeeding in residential neighborhoods and near waterways results in attracting huge numbers of ‘nuisance birds’ to areas where neighbors live, work and raise their families.”

The law targets the overfeeding of pigeons, seagulls and geese, seeking to prevent situations in which large populations descend on an area and create a public nuisance. Town officials cited recent activity in which hundreds of birds and geese were being fed large quantities of food on a regular basis, creating a mess and even damaging the exteriors of homes in local communities. In fact, there have been instances where birds have been fed by the wheelbarrow full. The law does not prevent residents from occasionally feeding birds by hand, and neighbors are still permitted to have a couple of elevated bird feeders on their properties.

“I am proud to partner with Supervisor Kate Murray on this important quality-of-life initiative in the Town of Hempstead,” added Councilwoman Cullin.

“We encourage residents to enjoy nature and our local wildlife, but we also want to protect neighbors from the adverse impacts of excessive bird feeding,” concluded Murray.