Hometown Councilwoman "States" Her Case for Leadership Role

Hempstead Town Councilwoman Dorothy L. Goosby has been elected President of the Association of Towns of the State of New York.

Councilwoman Goosby has been a trailblazer and a history maker since her election to the Hempstead Town Board in 1999.  The first African-American woman to serve on the town’s governing board, the Councilwoman has been a dynamic force in Council District One, working tirelessly on behalf of her constituents.

A respected local leader, Councilwoman Goosby has now expanded her influence to the state level as well.  The Association of Towns recently elected the Councilwoman as their president for a one-year term running from May 2014 to May 2015.  The Association of Towns is represented by over 97% of the 932 townships in the state.  The organization was created in 1933 to help towns obtain greater economy and efficiency.

“Association members have entrusted me with a very important position and I look forward to confronting the challenges that await me in the year ahead,” commented Councilwoman Goosby.  “From large townships such as ours to the small ones in upstate New York, the Association is responsible for formulating policy and formalizing programs that benefit everyone.”

The Association assists town governments by providing training programs, research and information services, technical assistance, legal services, insurance programs and a variety of publications to member townships.  The organization uses the benefits of diversity and the advantages of similarity to develop services, programs, legislation and information systems for townships across the state.

“The position of president affords me the opportunity to keep Hempstead Town in the forefront of all statewide initiatives and agreements,” added Councilwoman Goosby.  “I welcome the opportunity to share the homegrown ideas that have made Hempstead Town a trendsetter in governmental service.”

“The Association of Towns has reward Councilwoman Goosby for her remarkable career in public service,” stated Supervisor Kate Murray.  “The Councilwoman is a natural leader who values the importance of shared ideas and mutual respect.  On behalf of the entire Hempstead Town Board, I congratulate Dorothy upon her election as president and I wish her much success in the year ahead.”