Hempstead Town Teams with Sewanhaka High School Students to Enhance Safety in Elmont Community

Hempstead Town Supervisor Kate Murray and Councilman Ed Ambrosino today welcomed a group of 24 Sewanhaka High School students who proposed legislation before the Town Board in an effort to enhance safety in the Elmont community. The students’ influential visit to Hempstead Town Hall’s Nathan L.H. Bennett Pavilion marked another year of Murray and Ambrosino’s longtime involvement with Sewanhaka’s SAIL (Students Active in Law) program.

Sewanhaka’s SAIL class, which meets on a regular basis before the start of school, focused on a number of topics throughout the year impacting the community. Recently, safety concerns at a trio of intersections in the community of Elmont caught the eye of the students. During the Town Board meeting, the SAIL students spoke before the Board to provide specific recommendations within their proposals.

“This group of young adults proved how citizens can directly influence change in their communities,” Murray said. “Through their grassroots efforts, these young men and women expressed their concerns and took action.”

“I enjoy working with these young men and women on issues that have an impact on their fellow neighbors,” Ambrosino said. “This educational program offers students a hands-on opportunity to see how government works and to truly make a difference in their communities.”

The students’ proposals featured the installation of STOP signs at both the northbound and southbound lanes of the three Elmont intersections: Madison Street at Landau Avenue, Marshall Street at Raff Avenue and Webster Street at Crest Avenue.

“I applaud the efforts of these hard working students who were dedicated to a cause in their neighborhood,” Murray said. “They are to be commended for coming before the Board to propose something that they believe in. Already leaders in their community, these students have the potential to be future leaders in government and in society.”