Murray Proposes $50 Million "Improve Hempstead Town" Capital Program

Initiative to Create Jobs, Stimulate Economy, Serve Residents

Hempstead Town Supervisor Kate Murray has proposed a $50 million " Improve Hempstead Town" Capital Program, touting the initiative as a victory for workers, the local economy and all of the residents of America's largest township. The town's capital program will fund a host of important construction projects including roadway resurfacing, marine bulkheading, as well as the implementation of a new computer system in the Receiver of Taxes office and the development of a building for Hempstead's ANCHOR Program, which serves residents with special needs, among other projects. The Supervisor indicated that she was proud that Hempstead Town will be able to initiate the town's capital program even as her administration is readying a 2012 budget that will freeze all town taxes. The Hempstead Town Board will consider authorizing $2.5 million of the total program funding at the March 22nd town board meeting with the remaining $47.5 million to be the subject of a hearing on April 5th.

"The role of local government in fostering and supporting economic activity is important to maintaining regional vitality," stated Murray. "Well managed and fiscally responsible governments can actually take an enhanced leadership role in difficult economic times, actively funding meaningful projects that create employment and stimulate the economy while improving local roadways and other major components of our infrastructure. Particularly important, we are able to fund this major Hempstead Town Capital Program as my staff and I prepare a budget that holds-the-line on all town taxes for 2012.

Murray indicated that projects included in the proposed program are roadway resurfacing and reconstruction as well as the repair and reconstruction of town marine bulk heading. Additionally, a modernized computer system will be developed for bill processing at the township's Receiver of Taxes office. Finally, $6 million will be dedicated to the construction of a new building in Lido Beach for the town's ANCHOR Program. ANCHOR offers social, recreational, entertainment, theatre and summer camp activities for children with special needs.

"This town capital program will finance projects that will improve our quality of life in Hempstead Town," stated Senior Town Councilman Anthony J. Santino. "We're undertaking important projects like the new ANCHOR building for children with special needs, "added Councilwoman Angie Cullin.

Officials indicated that this town funded capital program will be especially helpful to construction workers, architects, engineers and a host of people who will witness employment opportunities as a result of the town's program. The recession and its aftermath have left behind economic fallout that has hampered construction and development projects throughout Long Island and across the nation. The town's program is targeted at providing support for jobs while rebuilding the town's infrastructure.

"Putting people back to work will be a key benefit of the town's capital program," stated Hempstead Town Receiver of Taxes Don Clavin. "What's more, we're investing in improved roads and facilities," added Councilwoman Dorothy Goosby.

"In Hempstead Town we're demonstrating that you can hold the line on taxes, earn the top Wall Street credit ratings and still fund important projects that create jobs and stimulate the economy," concluded Murray.