Hempstead Shelter Rescues 10 Dogs - Renews "See Something, Say Something" Plea

Completing its third major animal rescue within three months, Hempstead Town Animal Control Officers responded to a call from the Freeport Police Department late on Thursday evening, March 31st. Hempstead Town shelter employees have retrieved ten dogs from a Freeport home and are caring for them at the town's animal care facility located on Beltagh Avenue in Wantagh. Hempstead Town Supervisor Kate Murray conveyed information from veterinarians at the shelter which indicates that the dogs appear to be in generally good physical condition; however, she also noted that this situation underscored the importance of neighbors speaking up if they suspect animal abuse or neglect.

"Every animal rescue is a heart wrenching experience," stated Murray. "At the same time, the rewards of recovering animals and ensuring that they receive good care and are healthy can be heart warming. Another important lesson that neighbors can draw from these rescues is the importance of 'saying something' if you 'see something' that is indicative of animal abuse or neglect."

Rescued from the Freeport home were three Boston Terriers, two young Terrier-mix dogs and five pit bulls. While the dogs appear to be in generally good health, town rescuers found dogs in cramped cages, which were littered with feces and urine. Some animals also evidenced old scars that had healed and arrived at the shelter underweight.

Town officials are working with the Freeport Village Police Department and the Nassau District Attorney's Office, as those authorities look into the circumstances at the home where the dogs were recovered. Additionally, the Hempstead Town Attorney's Office is preparing a petition in order for the township to be granted ownership of the ten dogs.

The dogs have been examined by a veterinarian; received cleaning, grooming and nurturing by animal care professionals; and will be assessed by an animal behaviorist. Murray said that the town has also reached out to renowned animal rescuers at Rescue Ink, who have particular expertise in pit bull rescue.

The Supervisor stated that the ultimate goal for shelter officials in responding to these animals was to ensure their health and well being, as well as working to find appropriate permanent homes that can offer love, support and nurturing to the dogs.

"Whenever we rescue animals we want to do everything possible to ensure their health," stated Murray. "Of course, the ultimate goal is to find the animals permanent, appropriate and loving homes."