Final Generic Impact Statement and Proposed Local Law for "The Lighthouse on Long Island"

The files listed below comprise the Lighthouse group's Environmental Report known as "The Final Generic Environmental Impact Statement." This report relates to the refurbishment of the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum and the development of the surrounding 150 acres of property.

Final Generic Environmental Impact Statement for The Lighthouse at Long Island
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Cover, et al. Section 2 MFM Alternative Comments and Responses Mitchel Field - Report Mitchel Field CAW - 2 Mitchel Field CAW - 3 Mitchel Field CAW - 4 Mitchel Field CAW - 5 Mitchel Field - Appendix & CAW Appendix A Written Correspondence0 Appendix B Hearing Transcript Appendix C General Correspondence Appendix E-2 AQ Report 110410 Appendix E-3 NOISE Report FINAL 110410 Appendix E-4 MFM regs 7-1-10.dhs Appendix C35-A Appendix C35-B Appendix C80 Appendix C108 Appendix C109 Appendix C111 Appendix C123 Appendix C129 Appendix C193-A Appendix C193-B Appendix C193-C Appendix C193-D Appendix C193-E Appendix C194 Appendix C220 Appendix C221 Appendix C224 Appendix C225 Appendix C227 Appendix C229 Appendix C233 Appendix C324 Appendix C237 Appendix C238 Appendix C239 Appendix C242 Appendix C259 Appendix C265 Appendix C268-A Appendix C268-B Appendix C270 Appendix C272 Appendix C274 Appendix C276 Appendix C285 Appendix C289 Appendix C301 Appendix C304 Appendix C313 Appendix C338 Appendix C364 Appendix C383 Appendix C384 Appendix C411 Appendix C447 Appendix C491 Appendix C500 Appendix C530 Appendix C572 Appendix C595 Appendix C868