Town Board Adopts ‘Complete Streets’ Policy Promoting Safer Roads for Cars, Pedestrians, Bicyclists and Public Transit

Supervisor Kate Murray and the Hempstead Town Board adopted a comprehensive “Complete Streets” policy for the Town of Hempstead, creating a blueprint for the development of safe roadways that are viable for all people traveling on them, including motorists, pedestrians, children, senior citizens, bicyclists, commercial vehicles and public transportation. The “Complete Streets” policy would mandate that new road projects allow for the co-existing of many methods of travel, making it safer and more convenient for all.

The Town Board adopted the “Complete Streets” resolution at its April 10 meeting.

“The Town of Hempstead is unique in that motorists, pedestrians and bicyclists of all ages, as well as mass transit, all travel along many heavily trafficked roadways,” stated Murray. “By developing this all-encompassing ‘Complete Streets’ policy, the town is laying the groundwork for creating more efficient roads that are safe for all residents.” 

Studies have shown that when streets are designed to incorporate multiple modes of transportation, more people will start walking, bicycling or taking mass transit. Not only does this reduce the number of vehicles on the road; it cuts down on pollution and helps promote a more planet-friendly environment.

Under this new policy, the Town of Hempstead would require that all new road design and construction be undertaken with this “complete streets” concept in mind. Such developments would allow for the accommodation of pedestrians, bicycles and mass transit. In addition to creating additional avenues for travel, Hempstead Town would have the unique opportunity to enhance the overall safety of specific roadways.

The Town of Hempstead has taken numerous steps to improve traffic safety for the public. Many enhancements to pedestrian crosswalks, particularly those near schools and in areas with heavy foot traffic, have been made over the past several months. Over the past couple of years, the town has also installed numerous speed awareness signs, which help regulate the speed of passing motorists.

Murray said the town is committed to creating safer, greener and more viable roads that residents, commuters, public transportation and bicyclists can use together.

“I am proud to announce the implementation of this new ‘Complete Streets’ policy for the Town of Hempstead,” concluded Murray. “I am confident that pedestrians, bicyclists and those who use public transportation will all benefit from this new road design policy.”