At HempsteadWorks, Job Hunters Become Job Holders; Hempstead Town Putting Job Seekers and Employers Together

Supervisor Kate Murray and the Town Board are encouraging all job seekers to check out HempsteadWorks, Hempstead Town’s one-stop career resource center. With career counselors, job training workshops and much more, HempsteadWorks continues to be an invaluable asset for residents of America’s largest township, particularly during these troubling economic times.

“At HempsteadWorks, we provide residents with the tools to succeed in a competitive job market,” stated Murray. “Our talented group of career professionals will help residents build stronger resumes, learn valuable interview skills and our career resource center offers a a variety of resources to help people searching for jobs.”

HempsteadWorks also offers the use of telephones, computers and fax machines; resume and cover letter software; a career library and a computerized job bank. Education and job-training programs are also available. A specialized career program, known as “Whatever It Takes,” is available for residents with health and/or medical conditions.

What’s more, employers are provided the use of HempsteadWorks facilities and resources to interview prospective employees, provide training and conduct business. By facilitating these face-to-face interviews right on the premises, HempsteadWorks provides an excellent service to both employer and job seeker in providing training, networking opportunities and an excellent chance of finding a job for a Hempstead Town resident.

“I urge all our residents seeking work to visit HempsteadWorks, a one-stop shop for career counseling, job training, interview skills and more,” concluded Murray. “Our talented professionals at HempsteadWorks are here to help you.”