Town to Receive ‘Smart-Growth’ Award from Vision Long Island; David Schieren, Solar Consultant to Town, Also Honored

Vision Long Island has once again recognized Supervisor Kate Murray and the Town of Hempstead for their commitment to advancing important community development projects and initiatives. At the organization’s 11th Annual Smart Growth Awards in June 2012, Hempstead Town will take home a prestigious award in the “Certainty & Predictability” category, for the development of a comprehensive mixed-use zoning district in the Hempstead Turnpike Corridor in Elmont.

“I am honored that Hempstead Town is receiving a Vision Long Island award for our work on the mixed-use development zone in Elmont,” stated Murray. “This is one of the most important projects we are undertaking here in America’s largest township, and the recognition of Vision Long Island shows that we are accomplishing great things for our residents.”

Each year, Vision Long Island honors people and recognizes projects that demonstrate a commitment to “smart growth.”

Hempstead Town will be honored with an award in the “Certainty & Predictability” category for its development of a comprehensive “mixed use” zone that allows for different types of development within the newly created Hempstead Turnpike-Elmont Zoning District. Developed by Supervisor Murray and the Hempstead Town Board, this forward-thinking zoning proposal addresses several issues and provides a blueprint for downtown revitalization, business growth and economic development along Elmont’s Hempstead Turnpike corridor. The zone specifically provides for mixed-use development, allowing business development on the ground floor with housing above, in a portion of the zone.

Murray thanked her colleagues on the Hempstead Town Board, local civic associations, community organizations, religious institutions, school groups and residents, from whom the town solicited input in developing this award-winning initiative.

“The residents of Hempstead Town have demonstrated their commitment to their community by being an integral part of the Elmont zoning plan,” stated Murray. “This award is a testament to how the Town of Hempstead and its residents continuously work together toward common goals.”

Eric Alexander, Executive Director of Vision Long Island, cited the Town of Hempstead’s creation of the mixed-use zoning district in Elmont. “The Elmont Mixed-Use Zoning District will help advance downtown redevelopment,” Alexander said. “Specifically allowing residential in the commercial zone, four-story development, easing restrictive setbacks and allowing improved architecture and design review are a productive step toward implementing the community’s vision.”

What’s more, David Schieren, of Empower Solar and a consultant to the Town of Hempstead on several of its solar energy projects and seminars, will be receive a Smart Growth Award in Vision Long Island’s “Clean Energy” category.

“David has been a priceless asset to the Town of Hempstead, helping us to develop our township’s alternate energy strategy and build several structures such as renewable energy structures at our Renewable Energy Park in Point Lookout,” said Murray. “We in the town are extremely proud of David for receiving this award from Vision Long Island.”

The 11th Annual Smart Growth Awards ceremony will be held on Friday, June 15, 2012 at the Crest Hollow Country Club in Woodbury.

“The ‘Certainty & Predictability’ award, as well as the ‘Clean Energy’ award for our good friend David Schieren, are a great honor for the Town of Hempstead,” concluded Murray. “I would like to thank Vision Long Island for recognizing the outstanding work we are doing here in America’s largest township.”