Hempstead Town Adopts Legislation to Ban Invasive Bamboo on Local Properties

Supervisor Kate Murray and the Hempstead Town Board unanimously adopted legislation at the July 10 Town Board meeting that will stem the planting, growing or maintaining of bamboo plants on local properties in the township. Town officials are responding to the complaints of residents who have had to deal with invasive bamboo encroaching on their properties from adjoining parcels.

“While it is a beautiful plant, bamboo’s growth is often difficult to control and has caused significant damage to residential properties in Hempstead Town,” stated Murray. “We are now making it unlawful to grow, plant or maintain this often-invasive plant.”

In recent months, many residents have displayed evidence of damaged tree roots, pipes, sidewalks and even foundations as a result of out-of-control bamboo growth. The root structure found in many types of bamboo tends to expand horizontally, making the plant difficult to maintain and more likely to cause damage to its surrounding area than other types of plants.

Residents have documented bamboo roots migrating from neighboring properties and literally sprouting through and cracking garage floors, sidewalks and driveways. For some homeowners, the damage has cost them thousands of dollars to remediate.

This law will be enforced by the Town of Hempstead Department of Sanitation. If residents have a complaint about bamboo plants encroaching on their properties, they are urged to call Code Enforcement at (516) 378-2200.

“This ban on bamboo plants is another example of how the Town of Hempstead is preserving the high quality of life in our community,” concluded Murray. “We encourage town residents to contact our Department of Sanitation with issues stemming from bamboo.”