Town Announces Installation of Two Catch Basins to Alleviate Storm Water Build-Up on Woodside Avenue in Baldwin

Coming to the aid of homeowners affected by storm water accumulation on Woodside Avenue in Baldwin, Supervisor Kate Murray, Councilwoman Dorothy Goosby and Senior Councilman Anthony Santino announced that the Town of Hempstead has installed two new storm drain catch basins at the intersection of Schuman Avenue and Mattison Street, helping to alleviate the build-up of water along Woodside Avenue. Also, over the summer, the town cleaned out all storm basins in the affected area.

“The Town of Hempstead has worked quickly in addressing this storm water accumulation issue so that we can continue to protect the homes and property of our neighbors on Woodside Avenue,” stated Murray. “I am happy to let homeowners know that existing storm drains have been cleaned, and we have installed two new catch basins to significantly reduce storm water build-up on Woodside Avenue.”

“We are confident that this project will improve the quality-of-life for local Baldwin neighbors,” said Goosby. Added Santino, “We were eager to work alongside residents in finding a solution to this problem on Woodside Avenue.”

The Supervisor and Councilmembers aggressively responded to the concerns of Baldwin residents on Woodside Avenue, immediately dispatching town officials upon being notified of the problem. As Woodside Avenue is one of the lower-elevation points in Baldwin, the town installed two storm drain basins at Schuman Avenue and Mattison Street, just east of Woodside Avenue.

Town officials have met with Nassau County staff, since a major contributor to the water ponding problem is storm water runoff from Grand Avenue, a county road.

“The town is committed to improving quality-of-life issues such as storm water accumulation,” concluded Murray. “What’s more, we stand ready to assist Nassau County as they focus on remediating additional storm drainage issues along Grand Avenue, which have contributed to water accumulation on Woodside Avenue.”