Hempstead Town Board Extends Fee-Waiver Moratorium on Building Permit Fees, Costs for Replacement Documents to September 1st

To assist residents still recovering from Hurricane Sandy, Supervisor Kate Murray and the Hempstead Town Board have extended the moratorium on Building Department permit fees for Sandy victims faced with home repair and/or reconstruction costs, as well as town fees on birth certificates, marriage licenses and passports in the Office of the Town Clerk. Those fees, first suspended for Sandy victims in the aftermath of the Superstorm, are now being waived through September 1, 2013.

“We want to do everything in our power to help residents who are still struggling to recover and rebuild after Hurricane Sandy,” stated Murray. “We are confident that waiving these fees through September 1st will go a long way toward assisting our town neighbors.”

In the Building Department, all town fees are waived for Sandy-related structural repairs that conform to original dimensions and specifications, commonly referred to as “in-kind” repairs/replacement. Additionally, all town fees have been waived for temporary housing trailers and storage pods during construction. Furthermore, the town has eliminated a requirement for homeowners to obtain a variance prior to increasing their home’s foundation to comply with FEMA flood height standards.

In the Office of the Town Clerk, residents who lost important documents during Hurricane Sandy – such as birth certificates and passports – will not have to pay the town fees for replacement copies.

Though no appointments are necessary, residents planning to visit the Building Department on Sandy-related business are urged to call ahead of time to (516) 812-3073, to minimize waiting times. Neighbors can contact the Office of the Town Clerk at (516) 489-5000 ext. 3046.