Murray Announces Town Taxes to Be Reduced in 2014 Budget, Tax Levy Cut For Third Consecutive Year

In the midst of crafting final preparations for her 2014 budget proposal, Hempstead Town Supervisor Kate Murray announced that total town taxes under her plan will be reduced for the third consecutive year. Additionally, Murray said the 2014 budget proposal will also maintain all town programs in full force. The town’s vital and life-enhancing services include the popular senior citizen programs, top-notch parks, beaches and marinas, an affordable homes initiative and the heralded ANCHOR program for children with special needs.

“I will present a 2014 budget that cuts total town taxes,” Murray said. “With a weak national economy and the hardships inflicted by Hurricane Sandy, holding the line on taxes is just not enough. Residents deserve a government that is responsive to their needs.”

Murray said that the total town taxes collected will be reduced by $1.2 million – from $262.2 million in 2013 down to $261 million in 2014. Murray’s 2014 budget proposal will continue a taxpayer friendly trend, which included town tax reductions in the 2012 and 2013 budgets.

Acknowledging Murray’s fiscal practices as sound and sensible, Wall Street credit rating agencies have awarded Hempstead Town the highest ratings available, better than the City of New York and New York State. The town has even received ratings superior to those bestowed upon the full faith and credit of the United States Government. What’s more Murray’s financial management has been lauded by the independent and non-partisan Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA). In fact, the GFOA has presented its Excellence in Financial Reporting to the township for the ninth consecutive year. The award recognized transparency, accountability and honesty in financial reporting.

“Supervisor Murray’s 2014 budget proposal reflects this administration’s tradition of fiscal responsibility and accountability,” Senior Councilman Anthony Santino said. “Reducing town taxes for a third consecutive year while maintaining our top-notch services is quite an accomplishment considering the economic troubles that other municipalities are faced with at this time. I am proud to be working with the Supervisor on the 2014 budget proposal.”

In crafting the 2014 budget, Murray noted that she is continuing the policy of holding managers accountable for complying with the town’s spending plan. At the same time, the town’s multi-year fiscal plan and control of discretionary spending are key factors that have allowed Hempstead Town to excel while many governments have struggled during a difficult economy.

“Being responsive to the needs of our taxpayers is a responsibility that I take seriously,” stated Murray. “I am pleased that my 2014 budget proposal will reduce taxes while maintaining all town services. I am proud our policies have earned the trust of credit rating agencies on Wall Street and the trust of neighbors on Main Street.”