As American As Apple Pie and An Independence Day BBQ, Affordable Homes Lottery Serves Up Dream of Home Ownership

Hempstead Town Supervisor Kate Murray and Councilman James Darcy proudly hosted an Independence Day barbecue at the Rock Hall Colonial Museum in Lawrence as part of a patriotic affordable homes lottery. Five lucky participants were  selected for the opportunity to purchase a lovely home in Inwood for a fraction of the market rate of similar homes in the community.

“Dating back to colonial times, when Rock Hall was built, people have celebrated the American Dream of home ownership,” said Supervisor Murray. “Marking Independence Day with an affordable homes lottery will give five lucky people a genuine stake in our nation.”

The five homes will be constructed by Anray Custom Builders. Inwood residents received first priority in the lottery, followed by Town of Hempstead residents, then residents of Nassau County and finally anyone remaining on the list maintained by the Town of Hempstead Department of Planning and Economic Development.

“Each person on our lottery list has worked so hard to make their dream of home ownership a reality,” said Councilman Darcy. “They are all so deserving of these homes, and I cannot wait to turn the keys over to them.”

The 1,715 square foot homes will be sold to the lucky lottery winners for $172,000. The homes feature three bedrooms, 1.5 baths, dining room, kitchen, living room, laundry room, utility room and a one-car garage. Three of the homes are located on Walcott Avenue, one on Jeanette Avenue and one is on Monroe Street.

Adding to the festive theme of the event, the supervisor and councilman will be presenting each of the lottery winners with an American flag to be hung outside their new home and a fresh-baked apple pie.

In the last two decades Hempstead Town has built more than 200 affordable homes in communities including Roosevelt, Lakeview, Baldwin and Inwood. Applicants must agree not to resell the house within ten years. Evidence of the program’s success is supported by the fact that not a single home has been the subject of a foreclosure over the course of 20 years. The homes have been improved by owners and are the subject of mutual pride on the part of property owners and the town. The town’s program creates opportunities for new homeowners and improves  communities as a whole, as the new homes often replace blighted properties.

Murray, Darcy and the entire Town of Hempstead thanked the sponsors of today’s event, which include Bristal Assisted Living, King Kullen, Whistle Stop Bake Shop and

“240 years ago patriots dumped tea in Boston Harbor in the fight for our ‘American Dream,’” concluded Supervisor Murray. “Today we will be drawing ping pong balls from a lottery drum to celebrate our nation’s independence and the American Dream of home ownership.”