Hempstead Town Board Grants Landmark Status to Lindbergh Monument, Murray, Goosby Culminate Effort to Preserve Historical Aviation Site

Supervisor Kate Murray and Councilwoman Dorothy Goosby and the entire Hempstead Town Board today officially landmarked a monument dedicated to Charles Lindbergh and the site of the pioneer’s 1927 solo trans-Atlantic flight aboard the “Spirit of St. Louis.”

The Town Board’s approval culminated a concerted effort led by Murray and Goosby to preserve this important piece of Long Island aviation history. Murray and Goosby worked closely with Hofstra student and history enthusiast Adam Sackowitz to protect the future of the monument from any potential developments at the historic site, which is located within the Source Mall property in Westbury. At that site, Lindbergh’s plane took off before landing, 33-and-a-half hours later, in Paris.

“We are honored to preserve the Charles Lindbergh monument as a landmark, a harrowed gem of aviation history for Hempstead Town, Long Island and our great nation,” Murray said.  “I thank Councilwoman Dorothy Goosby, the Hempstead Town Board, the Landmarks Preservation Commission and Adam Sackowitz for dedicating their time and efforts toward making this dream a reality.”

“Being at the center of aviation history, we at Hempstead Town are truly proud to protect the site of Charles Lindbergh’s famous flight,” Goosby said. 

The Town Board moved to vote on the landmark designation after receiving full support and a recommendation from the Hempstead Town Landmark Preservation Commission on June 11th.

 Landmark status protects the monument from any developments or construction at the site. To make any alterations to a landmarked monument, property owners would be required to seek approval from the town’s Landmarks Commission. The stone monument is located along a perimeter roadway behind the Source Mall (south of the mall on a grassy patch of land).

Additionally, as town officials worked on granting landmark status to the Lindbergh monument, New York State Assemblyman Ed Ra sponsored a resolution to designate May 20th as “Transatlantic Flight Day in the State of New York.” That resolution was approved by the state Assembly and Senate.

“I am delighted to have worked with Supervisor Kate Murray and Councilwoman Dorothy Goosby on preserving the history of Charles Lindbergh’s famous flight,” Ra said. “The story of the first person to fly solo, non-stop across the Atlantic Ocean is known across the world and I am proud that the town has designated Lindbergh’s take-off site as an official landmark here in the Town of Hempstead.”

“Charles Lindbergh’s remarkable flight is a cornerstone of Hempstead Town’s 369-year history,” Murray said. “We are proud to do everything in our power to protect that legacy and preserve it for generations to come.”