Storm Water Management

Good storm water management practices around the home are essential to preserving Hempstead Town's beautiful natural resources. As storm water flows over driveways, lawns and sidewalks, it picks up debris, chemicals and other pollutants. Storm water flows into our storm drain system and discharges into our creeks, streams and bays. Polluted runoff is the nation's greatest threat to clean waters. The information provided on this page is designed to help you adopt healthy household habits and help protect our wetlands and coastal waters.

You Can Help Stop Water Pollution

According to recent studies, polluted storm water is a major cause of water pollution problems in New York State. One way we can help is by increasing the amount of water that soaks into the ground. This reduces the amount of water flowing into the street. Here's what you can do:

  • Plant trees, shrubs or ground covers
  • Maintain your lawn with minimal use of chemicals
  • Redirect downspouts from paved areas to vegetated areas
  • Use a rain barrel to catch and store water for gardens
  • Install gravel trenches along driveways or patios
  • Use wooden planks, bricks or interlocking stones for walkways and patios
  • When building a new home, have the driveway and walkways graded so water flows onto lawn areas

Only Rain Should Go Down Our Storm Drains

Read what you can do to help keep our waterways clean.

Keep Our Planet Pet Friendly and Clean!

Read how dog owners can do their part to keep pet waste from polluting our waterways.

Operation S.P.L.A.S.H. Needs Volunteers

Find out more about Operation S.P.L.A.S.H. (Stop Polluting Littering And Save Harbors), an organization dedicated to keeping waterways clean.

Report an Environmental Complaint

If you wish to report an environmental complaint please use our online Helpline or, during normal business hours, you may call Supervisor Murray's Helpline at (516)489-6000. After hours contact the Department of Public Safety at (516) 538-1900.

Annual Stormwater Management Report

If you wish to comment on this report, please contact us using our online Helpline.