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Respected and trusted are words that are often invoked when referring to Hempstead Town Supervisor Kate Murray. Overseeing the operations of America’s largest township, the Supervisor provides an array of life-enhancing services at the lowest possible cost to over 760,000 residents.

Respected on Wall Street, Murray has earned her seaside municipality among the highest credit ratings available. Trusted on Main Street, Kate Murray’s 2014 Budget shows sincere regard for taxpayers, reducing total town taxes for the third consecutive year. At the same time, Hempstead Town is maintaining all of its governmental programs and services in full force.

Kate Murray’s dedication to honest and forthright budgeting has earned much more than just the respect of Wall Street credit rating agencies and the trust of neighbors across the town. In fact, the Supervisor’s transparent and gimmick-free financial reporting practices have garnered the town its 9th straight “Excellence in Financial Reporting Award” from the non-partisan Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA).

Kate Murray’s administration has worked aggressively to restore luster to town parks, marinas and beaches slammed by Hurricane Sandy, and her government has reached out to help families working to rebuild their homes and their lives.

Working with federal and state officials, the Supervisor’s municipal workforce has overseen the replenishment of sand along storm-ravaged beaches, while our staff is rebuilding sand dunes that protect homes and businesses from the surging waters of the Atlantic Ocean. What’s more, parks have witnessed the refurbishment of storm-damaged pools, the installation of a new turf playing field in Oceanside and the extensive reconstruction of the Oceanside Marine Nature Study Area. Finally, reconstructed bulkheads are helping to protect our facilities and the local infrastructure.

Helping homeowners in their “hour of need” was a top priority for town officials in the wake of Superstorm Sandy and a commitment to which the town remains dedicated. The Town of Hempstead has waived building permit fees for those residents making “in-kind” repairs or rebuilding their houses. Further, Kate Murray and her colleagues on the Town Board have waived fees for the replacement of vital town records (birth, death, marriage certificates) that were lost or damaged in the storm.

Why not stop by one of our beaches, return to the stunning bayside Merrick Golf Course or take the family to one of our south shore nature preserves, and you will see that Hempstead Town’s facilities are back and ready for you to enjoy. Our municipal marinas and the one-of-a-kind renewable energy park are also rebounding and attracting the attention and rave reviews of area residents.

The Supervisor’s commitment to offering life-enhancing services and programs to residents is apparent across the town. From popular fishing piers, impressive sports clinics and top-notch art classes, to free summer concerts, swimming lessons and an indoor ice rink, there is so much to do in America’s largest township.

Sixteen senior centers across the town provide recreation, nutrition and social activities for the town’s mature citizens. Over the summer, those centers unite by the sea at Lido Beach for the popular senior summer beach program. Throughout the year, senior citizens partake in a variety of enriching activities, including a health fair and free income tax preparation.

Serving children with special needs is an area where Supervisor Kate Murray’s staff excels. The town has just completed construction of a $6 million multi-purpose center for members of the town’s ANCHOR Program, which serves this special community in the town’s family. The beachside building and the associated summer camp provides aquatic, athletic, computer, theatre, nutrition and social programs.

Kate Murray’s vision for renewable energy and green initiatives has been heralded by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Included in Kate’s ecological agenda is the town’s “green energy” park, featuring solar, geothermal, hydrogen and wind power. A one-of-a-kind solar-powered government office draws no energy from the power grid, and emits zero pollutants.

Affordable housing options for senior citizens, young workers and families is a subject of exciting new initiatives under Kate Murray’s leadership. Six families are poised to take ownership of new affordable single-family homes built by the town in Inwood. A train commuter-friendly rental home development is creating opportunities for young workers. Over 2,500 senior affordable rental and purchase apartments/condos are making it possible for mature residents to remain in the communities they love. A new development adjacent to Nassau Community College includes diverse housing options, offering rental apartments, townhouses and single-family homes.

New and meaningful development has been taking place in Hempstead Town while other municipalities have endured stalled growth during a difficult economy. Just look at the bustling new shopping center, The Gallery at Westbury Plaza, and you’ll know that America’s largest township means business. What’s more, Kate Murray and the Town Board have created an exciting new building zone at Nassau’s hub, clearing the way for an exciting newly renovated Nassau Veterans Coliseum and associated construction.

Hempstead Town is a model of fiscal integrity and best government practices—our future is bright. A suburban jewel on the Atlantic coast, our hometown is a great place to live, work and raise a family. The business community is growing, the quality-of-life is second to none and neighbors have a genuine partner in the form of government officials who care, listen and get results. No wonder Supervisor Kate Murray is respected on Wall Street and trusted on Main Street.

More About Kate

The first woman to be elected Supervisor in Hempstead Town’s 371-year history, Kate Murray is no stranger to shattering the glass ceiling and accomplishing a host of impressive “firsts” in her career. Before becoming Supervisor of America’s largest township in 2003, she was the first woman and first attorney to be elected Hempstead Town Clerk. Elected in 2001, she established the town’s One Stop Passport Shop, a location where visitors can take care of all their passport needs. On February 3, 1998, Kate Murray became the first woman and first Levittowner elected to the New York State Assembly from the 19th District.

Before serving as an elected official, Kate Murray worked as an Assistant Attorney General in the Criminal Justice Section handling prisoner litigation. Prior to her work with the Attorney General, Kate served as advocate for the Suffolk University Battered Women’s Advocacy Project representing victims of domestic violence.

Supervisor Murray has long been active in community organizations and politics. She is a member of the Nassau County Bar Association, Women’s Bar Association, Levittown Historical Society, Levittown Kiwanis, Levittown Community Council, Levittown Property Owners Association, Friends of the Hofstra Arboretum, Irish-Americans in Government, Sierra Club and Board of Directors of the Bellmore-Merrick Wellness Council. Ms. Murray is a sponsor of the Irish Repertory Theatre.

A graduate of Boston College and Suffolk University Law School, Supervisor Murray is a lifelong resident of Levittown.

Responsibilities of Office

The Supervisor serves as the Chief Executive Officer of town government. She presides at all Town Board meetings, directing the legislative and administrative functions of that body. The Supervisor also oversees the day-to-day operations of a municipal government of 24 departments, employing just under 2,000 people, and providing services to over 760,000 residents. As the Chief Financial Officer of the township, the Supervisor is responsible for the creation and implementation of a 2014 town budget of $431.9 million.