Clavin Helps Seniors to Lower Property Taxes

Issued by: Receiver of Taxes Don Clavin

Receiver Kicks Off 15 “How-to” Seminars

Hempstead Town Receiver of Taxes Don Clavin is kicking off a series of 15 “how-to” property tax relief seminars focused on helping golden-aged homeowners reduce their property tax burden. The informative sessions will cover tax-reducing measures that are uniquely germane to the town’s mature homeowners.

“Living on Long Island is expensive, and many seniors are having difficulty making ends meet,” said Clavin. “That’s why I am putting together a series of property tax relief seminars which will share information on specific programs that can help seniors reduce their property taxes.”

The seminars will detail issues such as applying for senior citizen, disability and veterans tax exemptions. Further, Clavin will share information on how to challenge your home’s property tax assessment. The Receiver will also detail other non-property tax savings programs for seniors, such as the town’s Senior Citizen Home Improvement Loan program. The loan program is an interest-free initiative, and loans do not need to be repaid until the senior citizen decides to sell the home. Finally, Clavin will share details regarding Hempstead’s free senior citizen income tax return preparation service.

Recently, Clavin proposed making permanent a veterans property tax exemption that affects many senior citizens. The Cold War Veterans exemption currently “sunsets” after 10 years; however, the Receiver’s proposal would make the exemption permanent. The local law is being sponsored by Councilwoman Erin King Sweeney and Councilman Dennis Dunne, Sr.

The following is a list of the seminar series, which is open to all senior citizens:

  • Elmont Senior Center – March 1 – 12:15 PM
    138 Elmont Road, Elmont
  • Franklin Square Senior Center – March 2 – 12:15 PM
    1182 Martha Place, Franklin Square
  • Baldwin Senior Center – March 6 – 12:15 PM
    1810 Grand Avenue, Baldwin
  • Uniondale-Merrick Senior Center – March 8 – 12:15 PM
    750 Jerusalem Avenue, Uniondale
  • Wantagh Senior Center – March 12 – 12:15 PM
    1150 Seamans Neck Road, Wantagh
  • Bellmore Senior Center – March 13 – 12:15 PM
    2000 Bellmore Avenue, Bellmore
  • Garden City S.A.I.L. Senior Group – March 16 – 1:30 PM
    Lutheran Church of the Resurrection, 420 Stewart Avenue, Garden City
  • Cedarhurst Senior Center – March 19 – 12:30 PM
    Village Hall, 200 Cedarhurst Avenue, Cedarhurst
  • Levittown Senior Center – March 20 – 12:15 PM
    555 North Newbridge Road, Levittown
  • Salisbury Senior Center – March 27 – 12:15 PM
    460 Salisbury Park Drive, Westbury
  • Green Acres Senior Center – March 29 – 12:15 PM
    400 Flower Road, Valley Stream
  • Hempstead Senior Center – April 9 – 12:15 PM
    260 Clinton Street, Hempstead
  • Oceanside Senior Center – April 13 – 12:15 PM
    2900 Rockaway Avenue, Oceanside
  • Uniondale-Hempstead Senior Center – April 17 – 12:15 PM
    840 Uniondale Avenue, Uniondale
  • Merrick Senior Center – April 19 – 12:15 PM
    2550 Clubhouse Road, Merrick

“I am looking forward to this seminar series, especially focused on helping senior citizens to reduce their property taxes,” stated Clavin. “It is my hope that more seniors can remain in their homes as a result of the tax-saving information that I am eager to share.”